The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

A. To receive all monies of the NAACP Unit and promptly deposit the same in the name of the NAACP Unit in a separate account or accounts in a responsible bank or trust company. No money shall be withdrawn from any account except by check signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President.
B. To act as chief financial officer of the NAACP Unit and chair of the Finance Committee.
C. To make authorized disbursements upon requisition signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the
President. Each requisition shall recite the amount and purpose of the payment requested.
Any requisition exceeding one hundred dollars or more in the case of Branches, or twenty-five dollars or more in the case of College Chapters and Youth Councils, must be approved by the Executive Committee before a check therefore is issued. The NAACP Unit bylaws may require that requisitions in smaller amounts be
approved by the Executive Committee.
D. To remit through the Secretary to the Association the proportion of membership fees to which the Association is entitled, as hereinafter provided, within fifteen calendar days after their receipt.
E. To submit reports to the NAACP Unit and the Executive Committee at all regular meetings, or whenever required by either body, covering the financial condition of the NAACP Unit showing receipts and disbursements and outstanding accounts unpaid since the last report; to submit an Annual Report to the business of his/her office at the Annual Meeting of the NAACP Unit, to which shall be appended a statement signed by the President and Secretary that all funds by the NAACP Unit have been listed in the Treasurer’s report. A copy of all reports by the Treasurer, when adopted by the NAACP Unit, shall be forwarded to the National Office.
F. All NAACP Units shall require the Treasurer to be bonded at the expense of said Unit.
G. Submit year-end financial reports to the National Office on or before March 1st.