Talent Management

Dear Subject Matter Expert,

I hope this correspondence finds you well in good spirits, health, and purpose. The Henrico County NAACP has been working steadfast behind the scenes to fight for social justice. Over the past year, many of our efforts have been in the political and educational arenas. Our organization is reaching out to you because you are a resident expert in your profession and we are seeking individuals like yourself to assist us in transforming our branch.

You are the best educated and best trained professionals in the world! The Henrico County Branch of the NAACP needs your expertise in solving pedagogical, economic development, public safety, and financial literacy related issues that are hindering members of our community from achieving their dreams and aspirations to become productive and vibrant members of society.    I wanted to take the time to invite you to participate in our collective solution as a Henrico County NAACP Committee leader.

You were recommended because of your professionalism, passion, and expertise as practitioners and administrators in the educational system.  The challenges that we face are solvable with your participation.  Please join us in preparing our community to become continuous learners, highly employable, financially literate, and civically engaged in a knowledge based society and economy. Thank you in advance for considering to join our plight for equal access, opportunity, and excellence in our community.


Frank J. Thornton, M.Ed.
President – Henrico County NAACP