The Duties of the President shall be:

A. To preside at meetings of the NAACP Unit and act as Chair of the
Executive Committee.
B. To appoint the Chair and members of all Committees not otherwise
elected by the General Membership or the Executive Committee of
the NAACP Unit; except the Chair of the Youth Work Committee
of a Branch or State/State Area Conference .
C. Between meetings of the Executive Committee and the NAACP
Unit, to exercise general executive authority on behalf of the
NAACP Unit, subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.
D. To countersign all checks and properly supported requisitions for
disbursements from the NAACP Unit Treasury.
E. To perform such other functions and exercise such further duties as
may be voted from time to time by the NAACP Unit or the
Executive Committee.
F. To be an ex-officio member of all committees except, in the case
of State/State-Area Conferences, Branches and Prison Branches,
the Nominating Committee and Election Supervisory Committee,
and in the case of the State Youth and College Division, the Youth
Nominating Committee.
G. To encourage and assist all Committees in the development of their
programs and the performance of their duties.
H. To recommend, to the Executive Committee, the removal of any
Chairperson of a Standing or Special Committees.
I. Additional Duties for Prison Branch Presidents. In addition to the
previous duties, Prison Branch Presidents shall perform the duties
through the appropriate procedures applicable to their respective
prison or correctional facility.
J. Additional Duties for Youth Council Presidents. In addition to the
previous duties, Youth Unit Presidents shall represent the Youth
Unit on the Executive Committee of the Branch.