Fighting for our Civil and Human Rights is not free!  During the Civil Rights era, protesters had to be bailed out of jail, logistics for marches had to be funded, and legal cases had to be won.  We still fund those same activities today. It takes human and financial resources. Throughout the year, the Henrico County NAACP receives complaints from citizens across the county that have grievances that must be investigated with fidelity.

You may ask the question, what does the branch need money for, and what will they do with it if I give?  First and foremost, like all organizations, we must pay our fees to the Commonwealth, and organizational dues and assessments to NAACP.  In addition, we fund the acquisition of materials for workshops, and community events that we are involved in.  In the future, we look forward to providing scholarships and resources to worthy recipients. The Henrico County NAACP is a volunteer organization and we are great stewards of the financial resources bestowed upon us.  Below you can click the donate button. We humbly ask for your generous donation!

The Henrico NAACP is a 501(c)(4) organization and your contributions are not tax deductible.